What to Expect

Although our service time starts at 10am, we intentionally open our fellowship time with Coffee & Convo. Feel free to grab something to drink (it's free) and make a new friend.  If you're visiting for the first time, please fill out the back of our Welcome Brochure or a Connection Card to receive a free gift from us as our way to say thanks for spending your Sunday morning with us!

Then we move into a time of Celebration and Worship. We spend approximately 25-30 minutes singing about and to God, expressing our thanks and love to Him through music. This means that those around you may sing, sit, stand, clap or even raise their hands or dance during our worship time. The words to the songs are projected on the wall so that you can join in if you'd like.

Once worship is over, we intentionally take time to be still before God and listen to what He has to say. This may feel strange or awkward, but we believe that God still speaks to us and we want to make room to hear what He is saying by allowing for some Quiet Time. Sometimes God will show people in our group a picture in their mind's eye or they might hear a word, phrase or Scripture passage. After a short time of silence we will ask if anyone wants to share what they might have heard, seen or felt that would encourage the rest of the group. Feel free to share if what you get builds up and encourages others.

Towards the end of our worship time we continue to honor God with our Tithes and Offerings. What this simply means is that we give God back a portion of what He's given to us, so that the church can give to others. We celebrate His goodness to us and see the offering as a time of joy and thankfulness.

Before our teaching time, Announcements will be given and the children will be released to Kids Church.  Our children are important to us, so our Kids Volunteers are selected with the utmost care.  We like to teach our children how to pray, how to hear from God and how to learn God's Word, so don't be surprised if you see our children praying for others.  Children can be picked up from our Kids Church classroom immediately following the service.

The Teaching time comes from one of our leaders and is often interactive. Don't hesitate to ask questions, share or respond if the leader asks for input or discussion.

Once a month we close our time together by celebrating Communion ("The Lord's Supper"). After communion is shared, the leader of the group will ask if anyone needs prayer for anything and will ask others to pray for those who respond. This is what we refer to as "ministry time."  Feel free to participate as you feel comfortable.

Ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.