Ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.

Vineyard Partnership

2020: Moving Into the Promised Land

I will serve the Ministry of my Church
..by discovering my gifts and talents
...by being teachable
...by serving within a ministry of the Church​

I will support the Testimony of my Church
...by attending faithfully 
...by living a godly life
...by giving back financially on a regular basis

At the Vineyard DeKalb Church we do not have a formal membership to belong to the church.  There is no membership in the Bible, but the idea of being committed to something IS biblical (Acts 2:42). The church is not a club to join. Instead, we choose to partner with one another and with God to see His Kingdom advance in DeKalb and the local communities. We simply ask that you prayerfully consider what partnering with us means and if you want to commit to those things.  If so, you can sign the Partnership card and put it in the offering basket or sign the Partnership electronically (below).  By signing this Partnership, you are saying that you want to partner with us in ministry and are committing to the four points below for a one year period of time.  Each year you can revisit your partnership commitment and let us know if you'd like to continue your partnership with us. 

I will protect the Unity of my Church
...by acting in love toward other members
...by refusing to gossip
...by following Church leadership

I will share the Responsibility of my Church
...by praying for its growth
...by inviting the unchurched to attend
...by warmly welcoming visitors