Our Beliefs

Just as every person is unique, every community is unique.  Our primary desire, along with many other faith communities, is to become genuine followers of Christ.  Our vision, values and priorities differentiate us and give us our particular uniqueness.  Our vision is what drives us.  Our values are what define us.  Our priorities are our focus.

What is the vision?  It's simple: To be ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.

Our Values

  • The theological foundation for all the we believe and do is the Kingdom of God.  Jesus proclaimed, explained and demonstrated the Kingdom throughout his life and ministry.  We define the Kingdom simply as the rule and reign of God and believe that Jesus is the rightful King of every person.  The Kingdom of God defines and drives who we are and all we do.  
  • We believe the Word of God is our absolute authority and the only infallible rule for faith and practice in the Christian life.  We look to the Bible to guide us into knowing Christ and to give us wisdom for his Kingdom way of life.
  • We also believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Christ.  He is our abiding helper,  empowering us to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God wherever we go.  He gives us gifts to bless and serve the church and to reach out to the world with his message of life.  Our goal is to be led by him in all we do.
  • Jesus said in John 15:5, "I am the vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing."  Because of this, we value being in the Presence of and experiencing Intimacy with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  God is not some distant being up in the sky that checks in with us when he feels like it.  He is ever-present and we want to be with him and do what he is doing.  We desire to remain in him and allow him to remain in us.
  • We're called to be a Kingdom Community, where Relationships grow and flourish.  Christianity is not a spectator sport, but a place where we do life together.  Inasmuch, we encourage Hospitality towards our visitors, our community at-large and our church family.
  • Since relationships are so important, we also value Authenticity.  This fellowship should be a place where we are comfortable being ourselves, being real, and where ministry is done without hype and without manipulation.  We gain nothing from a religious facade, and our hope is that all members of this body are able to participate in genuine, loving relationships and ministry that honors and glorifies God.   
  • Jesus not only proclaimed the Kingdom of God, but he demonstrated it through Healing.  We believe that God still heals today and it is his desire to make people whole and to bring restoration to their lives.  
  • We believe that God has poured his Spirit out on all believers and has generously showered his Church with diverse gifts (Joel 2:28-29).  Doing ministry is for the whole church, not just the paid professional; therefore, we believe that "Everyone gets to play."  to accomplish this, we value equipping people and releasing them into their God-given callings.  We also hope to be a place where creativity flows and where we are not afraid of failure.  
  • Jesus' final command to us was to "Go and make disciples (Matt 28:19)."  We value being Missional, or outwardly focused, bringing the Good News of the Kingdom of God to our community and the world.  

What kind of community are we? 
We are a Missional Community.  Not just a place where we “go to church”, but a community that acts as the Church to the society around us, acting as Christ’s ambassador to our neighbors.  Not just doing evangelism but acting as missionaries – living in the world but not being of the world, seeking to incarnate the values of Jesus in all we say and do so that we can demonstrate in love a counter-culture (life in the Kingdom of God) to the society we are apart of.

We are a Faith Community.  Not just a place we go to for religious services or events, but a community - a family - with whom we share a journey, with all its struggles, joys, difficulties and encouragements.  Our community is not based on social, economic, racial or political similarities, but instead on faith, faith in walking with Christ by walking with one another.

We are a Community of Hope.  The foundation of our community is in the hope we have in the Reign and Rule of God, our hope in the Kingdom.  As such, we are a community that is to be a witness to the Gospel and the in-breaking reign of God, striving to be an instrument, agent and sign of that reign.  We point to the Kingdom, knowing that it will bring shalom to the world – wholeness, peace, justice and joy – once it comes in its fullness. 

We demonstrate that HOPE through our priorities:
H - Honoring God through the Word and Worship: The Word of God and our worship to Him is our priority.  We make teaching and learning God’s Word foundational to all we do. We worship God out of our alliance to Him.  The Hebrew word for “worship” denotes the physical act of falling on one’s face on the ground in homage to one’s ruler.  As members of the Kingdom of God, we worship God not because it is spiritual or because we are attempting to “bring in the Kingdom” or because it is fun.  We worship God because it is all that we can do to show our gratitude as citizens of the Kingdom.

O – Opening the Gates and Setting the Captives Free:  As a witness to the Kingdom, we are called to be an instrument of the in-breaking reign of the Kingdom of God.  So, it is our call to release those that are being held captive throughout all of God’s creation.  Because of this, we pray for wholeness and healing of those physically, emotionally and spiritually sick.  We bring the Gospel to disenfranchised and the forgotten in both words and deeds. But our responsibility not only lies in ushering in the Kingdom to our fellow man, but also in being stewards to all of creation around us and allowing God to use us to bring redemption and wholeness to all of creation.

P – Being a People of Prayer:  Being a community that walks with Christ implies that of a community hungry for intimacy with Him. Our sole existence is dependent upon Christ.  Because of that, the rhythms and lifestyle of the community, both corporately and individually, are intricately dependent on prayer.  We pray by ourselves.  We pray as a community.  We pray together even when we are apart.  We pray using modern techniques.  We pray following ancient traditions.  We are a community that prays.

E – Equipping and Empowering the Saints:  We reject the concept of separation of clergy and laity and instead embrace the concept of the “priesthood of all believers”.  We are a community of ministers.  All believers are called to be ministers to the world around them.  Because of this we believe that the church is a place not to receive ministry, but instead a place to be equipped to do ministry.  Pastoral staff is there not to minister to the members, but instead to equip them so that all can minister.  So, when we gather corporately, we do not ask “Who will minister to my needs?”  Instead we ask, “Whose needs can I minister to?”

Our vision, values and priorities are further defied by our Statements of Faith.  As a Christian community of faith, we embrace and profess both the
Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed.  Additionally, we profess and agree with the Association of Vineyard Churches - USA Statement of Faith. 

Ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.