Ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.

Grow Groups

A Grow Group (GG) is a group of people who allow Jesus to change their lives from the inside-out.  The group helps each other to follow Him and learns to teach others about Him.

What a Grow Group does:
- Meets each week for about an hour
- Consists of just two or three people
- Men meet with men and women meet with women (no mixed groups)
- Uses the Bible to learn about Jesus.  Either by reading it or listening to it all week long
- Needs no extra books or special training
- Makes sure that all members of the group are equal.  No leader is necessary
- Helps people change to be all God wants them to be.

Who Should Be in a Grow Group?
Two things are important for starting or joining a Grow Group:
1). You have a need for Jesus Christ (Luke 5:29)
2). You will be faithful to the GG and how it works (1 Timothy 2:2)