Ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.

The Heroic Leadership Institute is a boot camp for young (aimed at 18-35ish) leaders in the body of Christ. It is a 9 month full-time training program hosted in local Vineyard Churches around the world. The dream of HLI is to create a path within the Vineyard movement for our young leaders to be trained and released into significant ministry and as life-long lovers of Jesus and people. The hope is to create a green-house affect where the students are exposed in an intense way to three strategic venues of training: Education, Spiritual Formation and Participation.  If you'd like more information about HLI, please click on the logo or email us. 

Vineyard Institute is an educational provider for the Vineyard movement, formed to develop leaders at all levels of church life through high quality theological training.

If you are leading or in the early stages of your leadership development, and are interested in developing your theological, biblical and leadership theory and practical application, then Vineyard Institute is for you. Click on the logo to check it out.

We are an approved Vineyard Institute site and host classes in our building.  If you'd like to apply for VI classes at our site, please click this link, or if you'd like more information please visit VI's website.  You can also email us at info@vineyarddekalb.org