Ordinary people changing the world one life at a time.

About Us

All churches are unique.  Some are large, some are small.  Some are liturgical, some are into modern music.  Some dress in suits and dresses, other in jeans and tee-shirts.  In all these ways God has called each one of His churches to minister to different groups in various ways.  Although there is one call to “preach the Gospel to all peoples,” the expression and vision of that call is as different as each culture is unique.  In the pages of this website it is our hope to begin to paint a picture for the vision of the community that God has called us to be in DeKalb. 

At Vineyard DeKalb we see ourselves as a web, not a ladder; as a family, not a business; as organic, not synthetic; as real, not slick. If you hang with us, you will sweat some and your fingernails will get dirty.  You’ll laugh with us, cry with us, celebrate and even mourn with us. It's hard at times (like life), but we also know how to laugh and have fun.  We're young or young at heart, desiring to experiment even at the risk of "failure."  We are on a journey together seeking the things of God.  We take life one step at a time and we do it together in the name of Christ. 

It is our prayer that you would consider walking this journey with us too.